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How do I check my visa status?




    Assalamu Alaikum how are you I am Saudi Arabia resident Permit citizen I applied for UAE e visa last seven days I applied but my visa is still showing processing now the judgment paper is not sent to me or no confirmation how long will it take for visa confirmation If you could confirm me


    Please i have applied for an Egypt E-Visa. Can anyone respond

  • guriqbalra

    Hi. I had applied Egypt Visa. Current status is that vis will arrive on 23rd November and today is 24th November.

    There is no customer care number where can we check the current status. This is very frustrating. How to reach out to you? As there is no customer care number or email. I raised a ticket but no response.

  • Farhana Haque Deba

    I am to getting any thing from you my visa. You send me 2 mail my 100$ refunded. I don't know why you send me. I didn't get my 200$ back!! What is this? I didn't get anything! May get visa or not? Let me know please

  • Mamta Bharti

    Hey, my Thailand Visa is due today but it shows in the app that it's still in quality control and hasn't even been submitted to the authorities.what kind of service is this, where you get a set date and then nothing happens?!Also wrote several messages but no reply whatsoever. Is this a scam?


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